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AsianMelodies Review

It happens to be a quality online dating service for English speaking Asians. The platform is free for women and men have to pay to use all the features. The founder of the dating site emphasizes the fact that Asian women are more popular than Asian men. Since the target audience of the service is young professionals, it should not be difficult for them to buy a subscription plan. In this AsianMelodies review of the website, you will learn everything you need to know about this dating platform.

Seriousness and courtesy of all members, lots of activityCan’t talk to other free members if you don’t take the subscription
Very detailed profiles, well verified to protect you and make your choiceImpossible to translate messages in your language without a subscription
More and more expatriates present on the siteConfidentiality is not so good because of the differences of rights between Europe and the rest of the world
AsianMelodies main page

How Does AsianMelodies Work?

To start using the online dating site, you need to complete the registration process. This is quick and easy, so you won’t have to spend much time on it. You will need to provide some basic details about yourself, such as gender, ethnicity, and zip code. After that, you will be offered to upload a profile picture. The next step is to create your AsianMelodies profile, and you will be asked to add some additional details. They are age, name, location, nationality, education, occupation, income, and body type. There are also “Interests”, “About me” and “Sports” sections, which are placed to provide more information about a person. After that, you are free to start communicating with other AsianMelodies users.

AsianMelodies Sign Up Process

As mentioned above, the registration process is fairly simple. When you open the AsianMelodies homepage, you will be presented with two options for creating a new account. One option is to sign up using a Facebook account, which allows for a two-step registration process. Another option is to provide your basic information manually. In the case of manual registration, you will need to provide the following details:

  • Your name, date of birth, and occupation
  • Your gender and the gender of a person you are willing to find
  • You must specify your ethnicity, which can be non-Asian multiracial or Asian multiracial
  • Your zip code, and if you are not from the US, you must specify your country

After creating your AsianMelodies login, you will be asked to add a profile picture. However, you can skip this step. It is also possible to import photos from a Facebook account. Once you have completed these, you need to access your email and activate your AsianMelodies account.

AsianMelodies features

Tips on How To Fill In Your Profile

The information specified in the profile should be presented as winningly as possible. 

  • Tell a story about yourself. Don’t write a dry autobiography, like a job application. Write vividly, with analogies, interesting turns, and self-irony. Do not be afraid to inform users about your shortcomings and weaknesses. Just make it interesting and bright in a positive way. Read it. Like it? Then, others will like it;
  • Do not use hackneyed expressions. It is important to be able to aptly describe situations and circumstances in which you find yourself. You need to moderate jokes, be politely playful but not vulgar tone, and the correct use of punctuation;
  • Avoid ambiguities or hidden hints, so that there are no misunderstandings later. Narrowly specific jargon is also unacceptable. At least until you know each other’s interests better.

Quality Matches on AsianMelodies

AsianMelodies are so popular because they nailed down the matchmaking system. AsianMelodies has certain criteria that you are required to fill in to start looking for people around you. They ask you what you are looking for and depending on how detailed your wants are, the more successful the system is. It follows that people can get rather hasty and miss out on the feature. Those users are usually the reason why the site receives negative reviews. Remember to not neglect the matchmaking system as it tries to pick a suitable partner for you in the fastest way possible. 

Special Features

During our review there weren’t many special features. It mostly brings the features you can find on other sites like video calls or looking up people by several filters. AsianMelodies captures your heart by providing a great quality of those features and having lots of Asian profiles. Nevertheless, here are two notable special features:

  • Your views and winks. With this feature, you can see who has sent you winks and who has viewed your profile. It’s always nice to see who exactly tried to compliment you. You can contact that person and start communication;
  • Dating tips. You can try to contact a dating advisor who can come up with several means to impress your future partner. Their answer is based on how you describe your partner, and so the tips are unique and diverse. 
AsianMelodies ladies

Safety and Security

Your data is recorded, including your IP address, but not your credit card. AsianMelodies has good safety measures to protect your data. It is good, as some dating sites sell data to unidentified third parties, including photos, and possibly outside Europe.

This is the dark side of the dating scene, but this Asian dating site forbids such actions. Nevertheless, we recommend you delete profiles if you don’t use them. As for AsianMelodies, there is a simple deactivation system. The process can take about three clicks. It is a welcoming approach as some dating sites are being coy about completely deleting your data. 

Customer Support

As far as customer support on AsianMelodies goes, it’s pretty good, although there are very few contact options. Currently, there is a contact form for support, social media, and a mailing address. The social media option is amazing because most dating sites don’t use this simple contact method. So this is a great advantage. The only thing AsianMelodies could have added is an email option and live chat, as many people would like to contact customer support this way.

AsianMelodies Cost

If you are ready to find your perfect match, you will need to purchase a certain number of AsianMelodies credits. Yes, all of your features are connected to a credit system that allows you to pay for your features whenever you want. When you buy monthly memberships, you usually gain all features for a limited period. The catch is that you are not guaranteed to sit on the site 24/7, so your subscription might get wasted during busy months. That is why the credit system is much more convenient. You can buy credits in packs:

PricesNumber of Credits
$12 20
$23 50
$48 125 
$75 250 
$155 750
AsianMelodies search

Latest AsianMelodies User Reviews

It’s good that you have the general overview of what is AsianMelodies, but your knowledge wouldn’t be complete without the thoughts of its consumers. The site is quite popular, so there are AsianMelodies reviews from different sources. For diversity purposes, we picked opinions from Reddit, TrustPilot, and ConsumerAffairs.


Y’all, this site made me happy ngl. The interface feels like mac n’ cheese which is classic but good. And girls there are not only hot but can also discuss the latest sci-fi movies, and I feel like we are having some kind of bond here. I hate it when girls just act interested and then try to suck out your money. It’s good that AsianMelodies has a ranking system that removes scammers and overall questionable users. Would highly recommend it.


At first, I thought this was one of those odd sites with fake women to communicate with you. But no, I managed to find a partner here, and she is as real as my hands typing this message. AsianMelodies created a nice space where people can communicate to plan out their future. There were some odd users, but you just have to ignore them, and they abandon the site rather quickly. I liked the customer support and how they helped me with my account issue. You can see that they are interested in helping you to have a good reputation. Simply put, the site is amazing. 


AsianMelodies was the first site to ever help me with international dating. I was interested in Asian culture so I wanted to find a wife with values matching that region. Interestingly, there is a translation feature that helps you communicate if a girl speaks your language poorly. I mean, the girls here want to date a foreigner, so they try speaking English, but it’s not always straightforward, so the feature was helpful. I have several gripes with the credit system but it’s more of a personal nitpick as I like using it almost 24/7. 

AsianMelodies girl profile

AsianMelodies Alternatives

AsianMelodies is not the only dating platform you can use to find your ideal partner, as there are alternatives. Here are two of them:

  • is a dating site for Chinese beauties. Most of the features are available for free on this site. It is a very popular online dating service;
  • eHarmony is a dating platform, perfect for people who are looking for long-term relationships. The matching system of the service focuses on the details that are essential for a happy marriage.

AsianMelodies Dating Site Review: Final Verdict

And that was our review on the AsianMelodies dating site. In general, AsianMelodies is a worthy dating platform for several reasons. One of them is an impressive number of relationship-minded members. Free users can access many features on this dating platform, which is not allowed on many similar services. At the same time, the online service does not offer anything exclusive except for the demographics. The subscription fees are quite high, but you can also buy coins to access paid features.

AsianMelodies is also a safe platform, which is important because people share a lot of their data. Thus, there are very few fake profiles, so members of the online dating service can be sure that the profiles are genuine. Therefore, people who want to meet their Asian life partner should use the AsianMelodies website.

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